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Mushroom Cloning Service

Shore Point Shrooms offers a comprehensive mycelial cloning service, allowing you to take your wild mushroom finds and have them turned into sterile cultures or spawn. We specialize in extracting, nurturing, and preserving the genetic material of your favorite mushrooms, so that you can grow them again and again. With our services, you can explore the world of fungi and expand your mushroom garden.

Wild Mushrooms

Get us the mushroom

Find your prized healthy mushroom in the wild. Then you can mail us your mushroom or drop off if local.


We clone it

We can take the culture as far as you would like. We'll start by getting a clean culture on a Petri dish. You can take it back from there.... or we can go to a test tube, liquid culture, spawn, log, or all out customized grow set up tailored specifically to the individual you provided. We can even assist in having its genome sequenced if you want to know exactly what you have.


Comes back to you

You get back exactly as much or as little as you need to continue to propagate your mushroom into the future. We can help you tailor a plan to keep it healthy and growing or we can.

Think you might want to know more about this service?

Reach out to or hit the chat button.

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